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Electric Magic Eye Sheep Jetter

Mobile Sheep Jetters – The Modern Sheep Dip NZ Alternative

Lincoln Sheep Jetters

Price including Honda 5.5HP & Davey Fire Fighter single impeller pump with hose kit (10m) $7,685 plus GST
Weighing just 48kg, it makes moving into and around sheep yards plus on/off trailers a one-man job
Non adjustable sides
Single set of electric eyes
Top and bottom nozzles

Saxon Sheep Jetters

Price includes Honda 6.5HP & Davey Fire Fighter twin impeller pump with hose kit (10m) $10,970 plus GST
Weighing 110kg makes moving into and around sheep yards easy with handles at both ends for 2 men
Adjustable sides
Side jetting nozzles
2 x sets of electric eyes

Affordable Sheep Jetters

The success of PPP Industries’ sheep jetters is based on the product’s simplicity, reliability - and our highly competitive pricing (possibly the best in the market). Our sheep jetting equipment is manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel which has a superior look and is corrosion free. The configuration of the nozzles ensures better saturation with a greater amount of product applied to the back, which dissipates and runs down each side of the sheep.

Sheep jetting equipment benefits:

Ewes with lambs at foot can be dipped together
Thorough saturation ensuring prolonged protection against lice & fly strike
Quick set up – takes 5 to 10 mins
Easy for farm staff to set up and use
Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, robust & lightweight
Sheep dipper can easily dip up to 1,000 ewes per hour
On/Off action as sheep pass through reduces wastage
Easy to apply 2.5-3.0 litres per adult ewe

About PPP Industries

PPP have been manufacturing sheep jetters since the early 1980’s. Our original sheep jetter was based on the Harrington-style jetter that PPP manufactured under license for many years. The New Sensor Jetter (launched in 2013) has been exported to Ireland, UK, Korea, India, Middle East & South America. The current sheep jetter for sale is a modern, mobile efficient alternative to the traditional sheep dip NZ farmers grew up with. It reflects on-going development and innovation based on customer feedback. Contact us to explore the practical features that make the control of flystrike, lice and parasites easier.


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