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The Lincoln Electric Eye Sheep Jetter

PPP have been manufacturing sheep jetters since the early 1980’s. The New Lincoln Sheep Jetter is part of on-going development and innovation to meet customers’ needs for the control of flystrike and parasites.

The Lincoln Electric Eye Sheep Jetter

Your quote will include the following:

  • The Lincoln Jetter unit – with electric eyes
  • Hose kit
  • Davey Fire Fighter Pump with a Honda 5.5 HP motor
  • Delivery to your nearest main centre
The jetter is manufactured from high quality stainless steel which has a superior look, but also importantly reduces the weight of the unit down to 48kg. Plus it is corrosion free.

The nozzle configuration ensures 75% of the product goes onto the animals back (nose to tail), and with deep penetration down to the skin, product then dissipates down the animals sides. The floor based nozzles apply product from under the jaw, neck, belly and tail area.

The Lincoln Jetter is very quick to set up, with hose camlocks, not sides that need adjusting. It's a job for one man and easily achieved by staff once taught or with reference to the operator manual.

The success of the Lincoln is around the simplicity, reliability and competitive pricing, coupled with the high throughput of sheep per hour i.e. 800-1,000/hr.

Due to the ability to connect and disconnect the whole unit in a matter of minutes (including the pump and motor), the jetter is very user-friendly. The jetter can be easily moved to different sites on the farm and is easily stored away by one man.

The system works efficiently so that if sheep are not moving through the jetter, then no product is dispersed. This means no liquid is being released; hence no wastage and no need to recycle contaminated dip. Once the sheep start walking through the race and break a beam, they immediately get hit with product.

The Sensor Jetter allows different sized sheep to be dipped at the same time. This enables ewes with lambs at foot or small lambs to go through on their own and still activate the jetter.


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