Herringbone Shed

Herringbone Feed Systems

Are you sick of paying for wasted feed in your paddocks?

Are your cows not getting enough nutrients to produce the quantities of milk they should be? With a simple feed system in your Herringbone shed, you can change both of these issues – and more!

With an individual dispenser for each cow, hygienic stainless steel trays, and a silo with a couple of augers, you can change the way you and your cows think about milking.

Some of the key features of our HB Feed System are;

  • UV stabilised feed dispenser
  • Multi feature dispenser to deal with PKE type feeds
  • Easy feed adjustment
  • Quietness of drive units and auger
  • One dispenser per cow – so feed is dropped in font of each cow
  • Clear base dispenser, so you can visually see feed in the dispenser from the pit
  • Robust auger line and dispenser support using 50×25 RHS down auger inside the shed
  • Continuous stainless steel feed trays
  • German manufactured Nord Drive Units – 1.5 KW Nord motors
  • USA manufactured auger suitable for PKE
  • Ability to upgrade and individually feed each cow different feed rates working off a herd management system such as Protrac etc.


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