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Herringbone Shed

Supplementary feeding of meal is a recognised management tool in improving animal health, and therefore productivity. Having a PPP automatic meal feeding system in your shed also reduces labour and gives you quieter and happier cows during milking.

PPP Herringbone Feed Systems

  • Drop a minimum of 500g to a maximum of 4.5kg to each cow
  • Have a UV stabilised Feed Dispenser designed specifically to deal with PKE type feeds
  • Use a USA manufactured auger suitable for PKE
  • Have very quiet drive units and auger
  • Have one dispenser is used per cow – so feed is dropped in font of each cow
  • Use a clear dispenser, so you can visually see feed in the dispenser from the pit
  • The system has a robust auger line and dispenser support inside the shed
  • Use German manufactured Drive Units – with 1.5 KW motors
  • Have 365 days a year back up support and service to aid with any problems that may come up.
  • Our system has the ability to upgrade and individually feed each cow different feed rates working off a herd management system such as Protrac etc.
  • Have trays and drop tubes under the dispensers that are made from stainless steel.

Why Choose a PPP Feed System?

  • Investment in R&D has ensured today’s modern dairy farmers using PPP feed systems are meeting the demands placed on them.
  • Simple to use with virtually no labour in-put
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Very low running costs
  • In-built safety features 
  • Very accurate feed drops for each cow every time
  • Individual feed drops
  • Stainless steel feed trays, and dispenser droppers
  • Molasses & water injection options available
  • Mineral additive options available
  • Silo sizes to suit different farms
  • A system that can handle a wide range of feed.

How Does An Automated Meal Feeding System Work In Your Shed?

  1. Firstly every cow has an individual meal dispenser.
  2. Each dispenser has its own regulator which controls the amount of feed you release to the cow on each dump. You can dump between 0.5kg - 4.5kg of meal.
  3. To release the meal in a dispenser there is one cord that you pull which will dump one side of the shed at once (this can be modified to suit your needs).
  4. The dispenser is situated in front of the cow and is above the height of her raised head. The limiting factor on the height of a feed dispenser is the height of the shed. From the base of the dispensers is a Stainless-Steel tube which directs the feed into the feed pan.
  5. From the outside silo runs two auger lines one line for each side of the shed. This auger line runs into the shed usually from the same end the cows enter the shed for milking. The end of the auger line therefore is at end of the shed from which the cows exit. At this end above the last dispenser is the motor that drives the coreless auger line.
  6. When your cows come into the shed the feed dispensers are usually full of feed. Once the cows position themselves in the bale you release the meal from the dispensers with a cord. Automatically the motor on the last feed dispensers starts up and commences to fill the feed dispensers above the cows. When the meal gets to the predetermined quantity the motor automatically turns it self off.
  7. The filling of the dispensers doesn't take long and while the cows are eating their meal and being milked the dispensers are being quietly filled and ready for the next lot of cows to come in.


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