Mineral Additive Systems

Changing seasons can cause a change in animal demands and it’s important farmers adjust to these changes so production and wealth are maintained and advanced. With a PPP Mineral Additive System, you have the option of adjusting your mineral additives so you know exactly what your animals are receiving

PPP In-Line Mineral Dispenser

The automated task of feeding cows is only one aspect of a PPP In-shed Feed System. By adding minerals to your feed this allows farmers to improve reproductive performance and health – maximising farm profitability. PPP Mineral Systems are a simple add-on to existing feed systems and allows the farmer to feed as little as 20 grams of mineral per 1kg of feed.

The PPP In-line Mineral Dispenser comes complete with its own control box allowing you to make adjustments for increasing or decreasing the amount of minerals being fed into each line by simply turning a dial. For both HB and Rotary sheds, there is one dispenser per line.

PPP Independent Line Mineral Dispenser

Many rotary sheds now have a Herd Management system that is “feeding to yield”. If you’re pre-mixing minerals with your feed and weather conditions change drastically this can lead to your cows receiving insufficient minerals or in some cases lead to your cows overdosing due to excessive mineral intake. PPP offers you a solution to this dilemma by providing an Independent Line Mineral Dispenser which ensures every cow receives their required dose irrespective of the weather conditions.

The system consists of a hopper or small silo to store minerals, an auger line from the silo or hopper into the shed, and a platform dispenser that has the ability to dispense minerals down to as low as 20 grams. PPP Independent Mineral Systems are a simple add-on to existing feed systems.