Egg Production

Egg Production Solutions from Small Operators to large Commercial Producers

PPP source all our egg handling equipment from Giordano and Italian manufactured established more than 50 years ago. Quality is exceptional as all products are manufactured from virgin plastic, UV stabilised and established world-wide acceptance. The plastic used has been certified by the EU as food grade standard.

Automated Nest Boxes

Van Gent - World Leading Nesting System For Over 45 Years

The rural town of Renswoude (Holland) lies in the middle of the Food Valley region. This is an area with a history of poultry and in the centre of this region lies the establishment of the family business Van Gent Laying nests for over forty-five years.

Van Gent Laying nests is active in the breeding sector and in the laying sector. For the international poultry industry, we fabricate and sell on a large-scale animal friendly and modular laying nests and flooring (slatted and plastic) for poultry. This is a business that Van Gent can relate to thoroughly, is it about commercial layers, layer breeders or broiler breeders.

Years of Experience

A half century of experience put into the newest generation of automatic laying nests has delivered visual results. The housing system of Van Gent give in the daily practice worldwide the best results.

For the poultry industry the Van Gent laying nests and flooring (hardwood and plastic) are known for its high quality and durability. The products of Van Gent are fully designed with a balance of efficiency in use and promoting the natural behaviour of the birds. This approach ensures that you can visibly relate this in your production results.

Van Gent Standard Nest Box

  • The entire laying nest is made of first-class film faced plywood, ensuring easy cleaning and guaranties a long lifespan. The laying nest is characterised as user friendly and easy and quick to assemble.
  • The system is provided with a timeclock that activates the expulsion system. This removes the hens from the nests and closes them off at the end of the day, preventing broody hens and fouled nests, and benefiting with clean eggs. With the unique two-part expulsion fence, the entire nest surface can be used which results in a familiar and comfortable place to lay eggs.
  • The open Astro-Turf mat ensures that the nests stay free of dust and foul. The comfortable climate of the nests provides the hens with the correct environment to lay their eggs.
  • The egg rolls off of the Astro-Turf mat onto the egg belt, the way that the egg travels here has been carefully designed to prevent cracks in the shells. The nest features two separate egg belts of 25cm, this makes the rolling away as short as possible and limits cracked shells to a minimum. The nests are available with woven or perforated egg belts.
  • The roof of the laying nest is partly hinged for nest inspection. Another portion of the roof can be lifted off for inspection of the egg belt.
  • The egg belt cover functions as a tunnel and prevents air drafts in the laying nest, as well as dust fouling the belt and eggs.

Floor Slates

  • Van Gent has several designs of flooring. Our slatted floors and plastic slats are durable with a lattice structure. This provides a good grip and a clean environment for the birds. The floors are easy to stack, ensuring little space is needed during transport.

Feeding & Watering

Each system comes complete with the following equipment;

  • 27m3 silo (16t)
  • Auger line from silo into the shed feeding 2 x feed lines
  • 2 x SKA Lyra feed pan lines – high quality plastic, resistant to hen pecking, both lines are winchable for end of lay shed clean out
  • 4 x Nipple Water Lines – European Stainless Steel, complete with winching for end of lay shed clean out

Semi Automated Nest Boxes

If you are looking at decreasing labour in put for egg collection and reducing floor eggs then you must consider the back to back double Smart Nest system.

The Smart Nest is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel. Inside the nest box a high quality very durable laying pad is used. This pad allows for the egg to gentle roll away into the central egg collection area. Once the hen stands up the egg rolls away meaning your eggs are kept clean. This pad can be removed for cleaning when required.

The special pull out chute at one end of the nest box makes for quick and easy collection of eggs.

The hinged perches also allow you the option of preventing birds entering the nest box at night.

Each module of 1.20m x 1.20m (width increases to 1.80 m when perches are down) is suitable for 120 laying hens.

    PPP Cages Exported

    PPP Cages are made from NZ manufactured heavy galvanised wire. Life expectancy is between 20- 30 years in the Pacific Islands.

    • PPP manufacture Brooder, Rearing and Layer Cages
    • These system can be single tier or 3 Tier options.
    • All cages come complete with feed trough for either manual feeding or automated feeding European sourced Nipple water lines are standard on all our cages