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Chicken Nesting Boxes

Egg production solutions for small operators and large commercial producers

At PPP, we source all our chicken nesting boxes from Giordano, an Italian manufacturer that has been established for more than 50 years. The quality is exceptional as all products are manufactured from virgin plastic that is UV-stabilised, and has achieved world-wide acceptance. The plastic used has also been certified by the EU as food grade standard.

Automated Nest Boxes

Van Gent - World Leading Nesting System For Over 45 Years. 

Recently van Gent have been purchased by Vencomatic (a Dutch company Established in 1983) a world leader in egg production systems.

Van Gent fabricate and sell (on a large-scale, internationally) animal-friendly and modular nest boxes and flooring (slatted and plastic) for poultry. Van Gent products are well-designed, deriving from the fact that they operate both a commercial egg production facility and are also breeders.

Vencomatic have now appointed PPP Industries as an Agent for their range of poultry equipment within New Zealand. Vencomatic now with other acquisitions offer production systems for other types of poultry: turkeys, layers, ducks and broilers. All products are developed based on a thorough understanding of the behaviour of birds and the course of business at a poultry farm. This ensures our products suits the needs of birds and poultry managers. To further complement the range of products, Prinzen (egg handling), Agro Supply (climate solutions) and Van Gent (laying nests) were added to the portfolio. Together these brands offer a full range of products for modern poultry farms all over the world.

Years of Experience

A half century of experience put into the latest generation of chicken nesting boxes delivers demonstrable results.

Van Gent poultry nesting boxes and slates (hardwood and plastic) are known for their high quality and durability, borne from a desire to balance efficiency as well as to promote the natural behaviour of birds.

Van Gent Standard Nesting Boxes

  • The entire laying nest is made of first-class film faced plywood, ensuring easy cleaning and guaranties a long lifespan. The laying nest is characterised as user friendly and easy and quick to assemble.
  • The system is provided with a timeclock that activates the expulsion system. This removes the hens from the nests and closes them off at the end of the day, preventing broody hens and fouled nests, and benefiting with clean eggs. With the unique two-part expulsion fence, the entire nest surface can be used which results in a familiar and comfortable place to lay eggs.
  • The open Astro-Turf mat ensures that the nests stay free of dust and foul. The comfortable climate of the nests provides the hens with the correct environment to lay their eggs.
  • The egg rolls off of the Astro-Turf mat onto the egg belt. The way that the egg travels here has been carefully designed to prevent cracks in the shells. The nest features two separate egg belts of 25cm, this makes the rolling away as short as possible and limits cracked shells to a minimum. The nests are available with woven or perforated egg belts.
  • The roof of the laying nest is partly hinged for nest inspection. Another portion of the roof can be lifted off for inspection of the egg belt.

Floor Slates

  • Van Gent has several designs of flooring. With wooden and plastic slates, they are durable with a lattice structure. This provides a good grip and a clean environment for the birds. The floors are easy to stack, ensuring little space is needed during transport.

Feeding & Watering

Each system comes complete with the following equipment;
  • 27m³ silo (16t)
  • Auger line from silo into the shed feeding 2 x feed lines
  • 2 x SKA Lyra feed pan lines – high quality plastic, resistant to hen pecking, both lines are winchable for end of lay shed clean out
  • 4 x Nipple Water Lines – European Stainless Steel, complete with winching for end of lay shed clean out
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