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Effluent Separators

(Standard & Non-Standard Options Available)
Solid separators are a proven solution in effluent treatment

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Screw Press Separator

Low maintenance solid separators

PPP have delivered and installed solid separators to meat works, piggeries, dairy farms and truck wash stations all over NZ, from Northland to Southland. A celebrated feature of our EYS solid separators is that they are reliable and low-maintenance.

Popular for effluent management

The screw press separators are designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fibre-rich slurries, such as animal manure. In fact, effluent separation is the most common dewatering application in the world today. Thousands of EYS effluent separators installed worldwide have been delivering outstanding results for years - even under the toughest conditions. 

The robust design of EYS handles all types of livestock manure and biogas digestate with ease, yielding a high output of very dry solids, and a liquid fraction containing only minimal amounts of suspended solids. Enquire about EYS screw press separators that offer a practical and efficient solution to effluent management. Whether fresh manure or biogas digestate; scrape or flush based collection system; dairy, hog or chicken farm; EYS is committed to delivering results that surpass your expectations.

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Talk to us about your set up.  We have extensive experience with solid separators, having imported the first screw press separator (as a dealer) into NZ in 2002. PPP guarantees reliability and performance.
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EYS screw presses find a wide range of application areas today - from agriculture and biogas to pulp & paper industry, breweries to food processing plants. All have varying needs but share a common requirement: high efficiency and problem-free operation.

EYS Separators offer you the quality and reliability you require from your manure management partner. We are always there to come up with any customary solution that you need for your specific circumstances.
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Highly Efficient

Our screw presses are known for their unsurpassed separation efficiency - a combination of high throughput and very dry separated solids. We achieve these results by attention to detail in both design and manufacturing. The same meticulous approach allows us to offer the most durable screens and augers in the separation market today. You can expect to get the longest possible operation hours between screen changes when you own an EYS Separator.

Ease of service, unattended smooth operation and highly durable wear-parts make our screw presses the choice of the progressive farmers around the world today.

Key Beneficial Features of an EYS Separator

  • Reduce your liquid storage volume by up to 30%, cutting down effluent pond investment, cleaning solids out of ponds and the spreading out of pond sludge.
  • Reduce your mixing and pumping costs with the separated liquid fraction - no more settling or floating of solids in the lagoon.
  • Re-use water on wash downs for feed pads – reduce the amount of water coming into the farm and hence what must be irrigated out on a daily basis.
  • Reduce odor, improve your farm environment.
  • Use separated solids for bedding or composting - stop paying for bedding material, reduce your need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Use liquid fraction for irrigation and increase your agricultural yield significantly [a higher application rate per hectare is possible due to reduced nutrients after separation]
  • Prevent contamination of your underground water sources by eliminating liquid manure run-off.
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Solid & Liquid Separators

The press screw separator separates solids within a liquid or slurry waste. Now there are two distinct products:


  • Usually de-watered to about 60% - 70% humidity.
  • This enables the solids then to be disposed of easily – trucked away for further rendering or composted down etc.
  • Transporting wastes either on farm or from region to region is easy and much cheaper.


  • Is easier to deal with as the PSS has such a good capture rate with less solids in irrigation or wash down water.
  • Can be further treated by another EYS machine to remove suspended solids down to 80 microns.
  • Greatly reduced solid build up in effluent ponds.
  • Quicker treatment time in effluent ponds.

A Separator Size to Fit All Demands

Models are:
  • SP400
  • SP600
  • SP600HD
  • SP800
  • SP800HD
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