PPP Composters

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4 different machines capacities to suit your needs from 5m3, 14m3,28m3 & 50m

Self-contained in vessel composting allows you to capture dirty air, have great control and speed on the biological process.
Our Composters is a state-of-the-art composting drum that speeds up the aerobic fermentation process significantly. It does so by creating the ideal environment for the aerobic bacteria to populate and mineralize the organic compound. 

All we do is help the naturally-existing bacteria do their work only FASTER!

Typical processing rates with the correct bacteria for example using protein waste (hatchery waste, dead poultry, farm animals, meat processing waste etc) can be achieved in 30 hours. This is turning for example dead poultry (including feathers & guts) into a friable compost at approximately 23% moisture.

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