PPP Augers

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Flexi Augers

Life doesn’t always allow for straight lines, so PPP uses flexi augers with our In-shed Feed Systems to accommodate for variations, ensuring a flowing feed system into your shed.

Utility Augers

  • Utility augers are offered in sizes from 100 mm up to 300mm
  • Steel augers are standard, but if requested stainless steel augers can be supplied
  • Utility augers are supplied in 3 meter sections complete with tube and drive units if required

Stationary Augers

These auger options are ideal for unloading PKE out of trucks and transferring it directly into large holding silos. Lengths are offered from 8 meters to 15 meters.

Mobile Augers

Ideal for loading grain and meal into all sized silos whilst offering options to suit your unique situation:

  • 46ft and longer
  • 200mm with larger diameter available
  • Drive options are electric, PTO and petrol motor
  • Back saver augers