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Molasses & Whey

Liquid Feed Dispensers

Molasses & Whey

Molasses is the most commonly used liquid in NZ dairy sheds and has long been the farmers’ friend. It contains significant quantities of trace minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, and manganese; which is an excellent source of energy, promoting animal health. Whey bi-products are the next most common liquid used.

No Mess Molasses

The mess factor with Molasses can be an issue. PPP offers a mess-free molasses and liquid system for adding molasses and CDS (Condensed Distillers Syrup) – either on their own or to other feeds – to increase nutrition and palatability for your animals.

For Rotary Sheds & Robotic Milking

For Rotary Sheds

Rotary sheds have one actuator valve that is controlled via a PPP control box or through a Herd Management System.

For Herringbone Sheds

PPP uses a manifold system in the shed in order to make the system as accurate as possible from the first bale to the last. PPP ensures this degree of accuracy or you will waste money. At each bale, there is an outlet off the molasses line. The system is controlled via an electrical timer – this means your staff don’t have to guess and you have absolute control on the amount being fed to your cows.

What Does a System Consist of?

  • Tank.
  • Pneumatic pump.
  • Compressor.
  • Control timer box.
  • Outlet tubes (Herringbone)
  • Platform actuator valve (Rotary)
  • Pressure tube from tank into shed.

MultiDos Liquid Dispensing

If you require formulated low dose amounts of minerals or animal health products to be fed to lactating cows, then PPP can offer you the MultiDos system developed for the European Market. Each cow has its own specific nutritional requirement. A cow produces best if it is fed just the right amount of feedstuffs. Sometimes a cow needs something extra in addition to the basic ration. Healthy stock means less veterinary expenditure and higher milk yields, resulting in healthy farm profits.

Rotary | Herringbone

The system has been developed to work specifically with robotic milkers and individual feed stations in cow barns and/or to be added onto an in-shed feed system.

What Does a System Consist of?

  • Periscope pump.
  • Connections for robotic milker.
  • Optional tank and pump all-in-one.


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