Experto Feeder

Patented intelligent feed and management system by PPP

Finalist in the best hi-tech solution for the Agritech Sector 2017

PPP Industries Ltd offers a range of quality dairy equipment and innovative feed system solutions that will help you increase profitability and work smarter.

Experto Feeder

The PPP Experto Feeder delivery unit is designed to increase yield, long-term growth and expansion of your herd. It offers more than just a feed system – it can also ID your cows in the shed. With the development of the new patented travelling feed hopper for Herringbone sheds, farmers finally have a tool that will offer them the advantages of a rotary shed; a unit that can feed out more than one type of feed with inbuilt mineral dispensers.

Get Ready for Automatic Feeding

To achieve proficient health and growth of animals, effective supplement feed and mineral feeding programmes are key. Delivering the correct energy requirements whilst providing targeted amount of minerals to individual animals via RFID identification is the key principle behind the PPP traveling feed hopper.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Start off with the basic model and upgrade with software and hardware to read ear tags at a later date.
  • Easily ID cows in the shed for herd testing.
  • Add alerts on cows when in the shed – e.g. “this is a penicillin cow”.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Feed two different types of feed.
  • Ability to feed minerals.
  • Less clutter in the shed.
  • Less moving parts.
  • Lets more natural light into the shed.
  • Assists with rowing up cows very quickly.
  • Very quiet when operating.


Start with the basic feeder with just one grain/meal based product with blanket feeding at any time. Add an extra grain, mineral dispenser, liquid dispenser & individual feeding via RFID.


The PPP technical platform for Animal Management is suitable for both large and small groups of animals, whether in stable or dynamic group housing. In short: this can be used in all situations.

RFID Identification

Using electronic identification, we make it possible to identify, monitor and care for individual animals. This allows farmers to keep animals in large groups while still managing them individually; producing better technical results, with less labour. Animals benefit from individual feeding, care, and housing; and this is how we enable healthy growth – with labour, profit, and well-being in balance.

Dynamic Feeding

The PPP Experto Feeder offers you the perfect solution for dynamic groups in which individual animals are introduced into the group at different stages and then separated again at the end of different cycles.

Superior Feed Management

Whatever thoughts come into mind when thinking about the subject of Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding – the PPP Experto Feeder transfers your ideas directly onto the milking shed, feed pad or paddock. Feed more than one type of dairy ration at the same time (similar to rotary sheds) with the added advantage of in-built mineral dispensers. You choose the dispensers to match the nutritional needs of your animals.

Standard Blanket Feeding (Non-EID)

Every cow gets the same amount of feed.

Grouping (EID)

Farmers can select different groups and target these groups with different feed amounts and/or different types of feed when the system is connected to silos with different dairy rations.