PPP Silos

Feed & Bulk Grain Silos

A PPP silo to suit every need

PPP Industries Ltd offers a range of silos and bulk grain storage to suit every need and situation

PPP Silos

PPP is proud to offer NZ farmers a choice of silos for all your needs! Whether you have grain or feed contracts that need to be stored, or you want to get the economies of buying bulk feed or minerals, or if you like the concept of using various feeds in your In-shed Feed system, PPP silos are the most hygienic option for feed storage and utilisation.

Keeping feed safe and clean saves huge amounts of revenue that is lost due to unnecessary wastage of good feed! We have silos from 5 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes, and everything in between!

A typical auger truck delivers approximately ±14 tonnes of feed – depending on the type of feed – and our most popular silo (a 904) will hold up to 16 tonnes – amazing!

With PKE it is highly recommended you include a Silo Vibrator in order to prevent the bridging that can build up within the silo.

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