Saxon Jetter

PPP Industries Saxon Sheep Jetter

Why choose a Lincoln Sheep Jetter?

PPP has been manufacturing sheep Jetters since the early 1980’s. The ”magic eye” Lincoln Sheep Jetter is part of on-going development and innovation to meet customers’ needs for the control of flystrike and parasites.

High Quality

The Jetter is manufactured from high quality stainless steel here in NewZealand which has a superior look but also importantly reduces the weight of the unit down to 111kg and is also corrosion free. While theseunits are light in comparison to others, they still require two people to lift so there has also been lifting handles included to make it more user friendly to shift around.

The strong, compact frame has few moving parts which means less maintenance. The unit comes complete with all necessary pipework including cam-lock fittings, intake filter, and a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine with a Davey Fighter twin impeller pump. The unit gets a high throughput of sheep per hour i.e. 800-1,000/hr with 2,000 being an absolute maximum.

Why Dip When You Can Jet?

Sheep Jetting offers a very effective way to dip sheep. An accepted modern system that gives absolute confidence to farmers by controlling external parasites.  Apply only what you need, where you need it. With jets on the top, and underneath, you can get exact coverage of the sheep, which means you won’t waste expensive products by using more than what is needed or less than what is required to achieve your desired results. Sheep Jetting is a more efficient and cost effective way to apply topical liquids than sheep dipping.

How Does a Sheep Jetter Work?

Aimed at dealing with flystrike or lice, the unit gets the active liquid treatment to skin level, from the poll, over the shoulders and along the back line, then over the rump, down around the crotch and around the pizzle area. The unit itself is light yet strong and can be easily moved into position. The jetting system is triggered as animals move down the race and are detected by the electronic sensor.

The spray valve, activated after detecting the animal, achieves instant jetting, sending a continuous stream that ensures maximum wetting. It is recommended that animals move through the race in no more than one per second for best results.

A major change to the Saxon Jetter from the smaller Lincoln Model is that the unit is designed with adjustable sides. The advantage of these adjustable sides is that when you are doing different mobs who are different sizes/ages etc then you can adjust the sides to suit. The other major change is the location of the nozzles.

Another change is that there are two top rows of nozzles with 5 nozzles on each that run length wise down the race and one row of 3 nozzles on the bottom angled at 30 degrees forward and the major difference being the side row of  four nozzles on each side. This configuration of nozzles is designed to penetrate the wool and arespecifically designed to target pesky lice in fine wood breeds as a lotof farmers have been asking for this to included in our Jetters.

Like the Lincoln Jetter, the Saxon also has a magic eye system to activate the jets of water. The magic eye system works efficiently so that if sheep are not moving through the Jetter then no product is dispersed, this means no liquid is being released; hence no wastage and no need to recycle contaminated dip but once the sheep start walking through the race and break a beam they immediately get hit with product.

The Sensor Jetter allows different sized sheep to be dipped at the same time. This enables ewes with lambs at foot or small lambs to go through on their own and still activate the Jetter.