Goat & Sheep Feed System

(Standard & Non-Standard Options Available)

Whether you’re looking for an “insurance policy” to mitigate the effects of poor weather conditions; or, if you’re looking to maximize control over your feed management; or, if you’re simply looking at making your farming operation less labour intensive: PPP can offer you a range of solutions.

Double Auger Line

The double auger line concept allows the farmer greater control on the amount of feed given to livestock coupled with the ability to feed less than 500g which is about the lowest feed amount achievable for conventional in shed feed systems. Even though feeding is still a blanket feed across each row it is simple to make adjustments easily between herds. By giving accurate amounts of feed to livestock will save money and may have the added benefit of reducing concentrates hence lessening the effects of acidosis.

Dispensing from feed out a dispenser is activated by pressing a button versus pulling a handle attached to dispenser cables.

PPP have farmers who are wanting to feed as low as 100g per animal per milking but there are times they wish to feed 250g per milking as well. This system has a very quick return on investment compared to a conventional system – please note this example;

Feed Savings - Average feed given to goats per season

number of goats/sheep

average grams per milking

Number milkings per day

kg per day

Number of milking days per year

tonnes of feed used per year

feed cost per tonne

Total feed cost per season

Double auger line









Single Dispenser









cost saving in less feed used in shed per season


Y Splitter

For feeding of goats and sheep the general requirement is to feed much less than 500g per animal. The cheapest way to achieve this is installing a “Y” splitter onto the base of a feed dispenser so one feed dispenser feeds to animals – achieving a minimum feed drop of 250g. This option is much cheaper than a double auger line and the major disadvantage is you can’t feed less than 250g per animal.

Small Ruminants Rotary Feed Dispenser

For feeding accuracy then a rotary platform will achieve the ability to feed low amounts of feed in the short time the dispenser is above a feed bin. When used in combination with animal detection sensors on the platform feed is only dispensed to bails with animal in them and will not feed an animal on the platform for a 2nd time around.