Experto Feed System

(Standard & Non-Standard Options Available)

Whether you’re looking for an “insurance policy” to mitigate the effects of poor weather conditions; or, if you’re looking to maximize control over your feed management; or, if you’re simply looking at making your farming operation less labour intensive: PPP can offer you a range of solutions.

Experto Feeder

Whatever thoughts come into mind when thinking about the subject of Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding – the PPP Experto Feeder transfers your ideas directly into the milking shed.

This system has been specially designed and patented for HB sheds but the option can be also used in a rotary shed but less the support system for a travelling hopper in an HB shed.

You the farmer can mix two different feeds and minerals into a single feed drop to your cows. Once you have set up your feed rations on the state of art HDMI touch screen the rest is all automatic. You can save your recipes or use pre-set recipes. Connected to the internet allows many options including any software updates.

On-going development is the EID reader installed on each hopper. This will allow you to ID cows for auto drafting, specific alerts for individual cows, herd testing and soon the option of individual feeding to cows as per current system used in rotary sheds.

The hopper travels faster than you can cup up your cows, is extremely quiet with minimal maintenance requirements. This is the future of HB in shed feed systems – why spend millions on a rotary platform when you can achieve similar results through a more economical HB constructed shed!