Effluent Separators

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Press Screw Separator

Press Screw Separator - standard screw press separators are the best value for your basic separation needs. Reduce the volume of your slurry by separating it into stackable, drip-free solids on one hand and easily spreadable nutritious liquids for your agricultural land on the other.

Areas of usage are:

  • Dairy Farms
  • Piggeries
  • Truck Wash stations
  • Meat Works
  • Distilleries

EYS Separators continually outperform all other screw press brands in the market today in field tests and are serving hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

All models are fitted with as standard:

  • Cutter bolts – to deal the odd long length fibres - stainless steel 
  • Auger, industry standard, stainless steel – this auger is coated with a specially hardened tungsten carbide coating.
  • Screen 520/0.50mm industry reinforced, stainless steel
  • Gearmotor 3 phase.
  • Control Panel PST Standard (optional extra)


    • The most important part of a Press Screw Separator is the auger.
    • The flighting has been designed to maximise throughput while retaining the ability to maximise dewatering of separated solids.
    • This process is achieved by ensuring the outside flight is always cleaning the internal side of the screen.
    • By keeping the screen clean you always offer the maximum area of the screen for liquid to pass through and hence the ability to achieve on a constant basis a high capacity.
    • Augers with standard 316 stainless steel flights wear out quickly. Augers with steel brushes on the outside flight mean that screen blockages occur as well the separated solids have a higher moisture content.
    • As this part of the PSS works the hardest and is in constant contact with solids wear can be very high. So, the auger flight is coated with a special patented carbide coating ensuring longevity of the auger.

    The PSS separates solids within a liquid or slurry waste. Now there are two distinct products.


    • Usually de-watered to about 60% - 70% humidity.
    • This enables the solids then to be disposed of easily – trucked away, further rendering or composted down etc.
    • Transporting wastes either on farm or from region to region is easy and much cheaper.


    • Is easier to deal with as the PSS has such a good capture rate less solids in irrigation or wash down water.
    • Can be further treat by another EYS machine to remove suspended solids down to 80 microns.
    • Greatly reduced solid build up in effluent ponds.
    • Quicker treatment time in effluent ponds.

      Advantages of a PSS

      • Latest modern technology you are investing in equipment that ensures you are a head of local requirements – hence not the need to invest in technology that will be made redundant as our environmental laws become tougher.
      • Reduce your effluent solids burden either entering your effluent ponds or effluent entering local council sewage system.
      • Ensuring your own business practices are sustainable.
      • Selling solid waste to rendering plants, composters etc.
      • Very simple to operate.
      • Low running costs.
      • No dangerous exposed parts minimising harm to staff.

      Re-use water on wash downs for feed pads – reduce the amount of water coming into the farm and hence what must be irrigated out on a daily basis.