Poultry Equipment

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PPP supplying quality poultry equipment since 1962

PPP Industries poultry equipment is used in commercial production systems; so you can be assured they are built to last

Poultry Feeding Equipment

Systems available to meet your farm operation demands:

  • Feed Pans
  • Suspension Feeders
  • Flat Chain Feeding

Watering Systems

At the center of any efficient poultry system is a reliable watering system that will supply more than enough clean and fresh water for your birds. Water Systems supplied:

  • Bell Drinkers
  • Gravity Drinker
  • Nipples

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Egg Handling Equipment

PPP are able to supply a full range of egg handling equipment. This equipment covers the following;

  • Plastic egg trays - hold 30 eggs, reusable, manufactured from virgin plastic and UV stabilised
  • Egg tray crates - hold 12 trays, manufactured from virgin plastic and UV stabilised
  • Egg collection belts - nylon and jute or mixed nylon and jute
  • Egg trolleys
  • Egg conveyor lines

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Transportation Crates

Crates are supplied in kit set form - this saves on delivery freight costs.

  • Crates for farm to processing plant
  • Crates for farm to farm movements
  • Large modular system
  • Turkey crates
  • Pigeon crates

Egg Production

With modern day poultry practises PPP offers a variety of egg laying systems ranging from simple 2 hole nest boxes up to large commercial fully automated laying systems. Laying System options supplied are:

  • Manual nest boxes
  • Automated nest boxes, commercial layers & breeder farms
  • Enriched Cages
  • Modern Style Cages
  • PPP traditional cages