Benefits of inshed feed systems:

  • Save time. Cows are fed whilst being milked.
  • Wastage compared to paddock meal feeding is zero.
  • Mitigate erratic weather patterns and their potential to disrupt pastures and subsequently milk solid production, with a flick of a switch.
  • Animals can receive a nutritious complement of minerals & additives.
  • Herd Management systems allow for tailored, individualised meal feeding.
  • Repairs & Maintenance are minimal.
  • 23 agents offering Nationwide back up support for service and parts.

Herringbone Feed System

Inshed feed systems nz

A standard system consists of a silo or hopper, two flexi auger lines – powered by a 1.5kW drive unit, continuous stainless-steel feed troughs, and a dispenser for each bail capable of delivering precise quantities of feed.


  • UV Stabilised feed dispenser.
  • Transparent clear dispensers with easy feed rate adjustments.
  • 8 litres holding capacity per dispenser.
  • Effortlessly handles PKE type feeds

Rotary Feed System

Dairy shed equipment

A system consists of a silo or hopper, one to four flexi auger lines – each powered by a 1.5kW drive unit, continuous stainless-steel feed troughs fitted with anti-robbing bars, and an optional high accuracy platform feed dispenser.


  • Multiple auger lines.
  • Easily handles PKE type feeds.
  • PLC control units.
  • Platform sensors identify empty bails or cows doing a 2nd rotation.

Experto Feed System

Automatic Inshed feeding system

This modern meal feeding system consists of two travelling feed hoppers, fitted onto either side of the shed, with the ability to feed 2 different types of feed, plus a mineral hopper. EID system is built-in for future group or individualised feeding.


  • New Zealand’s most advanced HB feed system.
  • Robust stainless-steel construction, proven with 3 years’ operating on farm.
  • Money savings as the farmer blends their feed & minerals.
  • Greatly reduces clutter in shed.

Double Auger Line (HB Sheds)

Meal feeding

Ideal when you want a super simple meal feeding system but also to feed small amounts of feed. No pull cords, just a simple timer dial to alter feed delivery amount, with a control unit that can be pre-set to herd 1 & 2.


  • Extremely accurate feed rates.
  • No pull handles – a push of a button activates feed dispensing.
  • Easy for staff to operate.
  • Ability to feed as low as 60g per animal or as high as 6kg, with any amount in-between.

Mineral Feeders

Mineral feeders allow you to add in minerals or additives to suit your specific farming operations. Easy load, easy calibration, high-quality USA manufactured variable speed industrial rated motors.


  • Ability to feed as low as 20g per kg of feed.
  • Handles powdered or pellet minerals.
  • Fitted with mini vibrators.
  • Independent mineral auger lines with platform mineral dispensers for rotary sheds that operate with a herd EID system.

Feed Storage Silos

PPP offer feed silos with 60° bases from 17t to 46 tonnes, and also feed hoppers with 60° bases that can be loaded via a front-end loader. Both options are manufactured from galvanised steel


  • Pole lid opener – not cable operated.
  • Sight glass to view feed level.
  • Safety cages on ladders – OSH compliant.
  • Hoppers have a 1.8T capacity (based on feed density of 750kg/m³), and are front-end loader friendly for those farmers wishing to deposit feed collected from their feed bunker.

Feed Augers

PPP use flexi augers to convey feed from silos into dairy sheds. Stationary or mobile augers are also used to load silos


  • Robust proven flexi augers.
  • Wide range of accessories for flexi augers.
  • Four different sizes from 390kg per hour – 4500kg per hour.
  • Utility augers vary from 100mm in diameter to 300mm in diameter.

Goat & Sheep Feed System

Small ruminants have the same options as dairy cows, but with an emphasis on smaller amounts of feed due to reducing issues with acidosis


  • Simple cost-effective systems.
  • Ability to feed small amounts of feed – saving money & reducing animal health issues.
  • Can be fitted into any sized shed – Rotary & HB.
  • Proven technology.

About PPP Industries

PPP are based in North Waikato, and have been manufacturing meal feeding systems, mineral dispensers and dairy shed equipment since the late 1960’s. Our feed systems are exported to Australia and South America. Our designs reflect on-going development and innovation based on customer feedback. Contact us to explore the practical features of these models that make meal feeding easy.