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PPP Industries Ltd offers a range of quality, innovative feed system solutions that will help you increase profitability and work smarter.

PPP Silos

PPP is proud to offer NZ farmers a choice of silos for all your needs! Whether you have grain or feed contracts that need to be stored, or you want to get the economies of buying bulk feed or minerals, or if you like the concept of using various feeds in your In-shed Feed system, PPP silos are the most hygienic option for feed storage and utilisation.

Feed Milling

A Multi-Cracker Mill offers the farmer a simple mill that produces grain to the size and consistency required for his/her farm operation. PPP have been replacing old existing roller mills with the Multi-Cracker mill as it offers greater efficiency in milling and allows livestock feed to be much better utilised. When grain is milled to a consistent size this allows for more milk to be produced, increasing profits for the farmer.

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PPP has multiple auger options available to suit the needs of your farm, from Flexi augers for running complex lines, stationary augers for unloading PKE out of trucks, to mobile augers for a more versatile solution.
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