Effluent & Waste

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Recycling dairy effluent and applying this back onto your farm will help you transfer fertility evenly around your farm and save on farm fertiliser purchases.

PPP can offer the farmer a complete solution

A PPP supplied EYS Separator will perform 7 days a week 365 days of the year. A hassle free operation means you will have no dramas about having to unblock screens daily etc. Our experience in separation started in 2002 and history has proven that our choice of effluent separation and separators was correct.

High Speed Microbiological Food-Waste

PPP offers large food processing companies and rubbish recycling companies a means to quickly convert general food waste, meat works paunch material or other protein waste into valuable biological fertiliser. This eliminates the need to dump waste in the land fill and therefore assists in protecting our environment.

A Revolutionary, Patented Process

The Process  ‘High Speed Microbiological Food-Waste Rendering’ takes a different approach to “disposal” in the sense that this method allows for all the nutrients contained in waste to be recycled back into the soil.

Specially selected strains of non-pathogenic bacteria are used to decompose the numerous components of food waste and convert them into a dry granular material that is no longer unpleasant to handle.  This finished product is a concentrated, high quality organic fertiliser/soil conditioner. The process is carried out in a series of vessels, or reactors.  The conditions inside these reactors are maintained under ideal conditions for the selected bacteria to thrive.  Heat generated in the process evaporates the moisture content, resulting in a dry finished product.  With the correct conditions, food waste can be completely digested in 2-5 days. The ideal sequence is determined by the nature of the waste being processed.


EYS offers a full range of scraper designs to meet your in-barn manure collection needs. Whether it is a cable-driven, chain-driven or a hydraulically driven scraper system you are looking for, we have a sensible and reliable design to match your needs.

  • Cable Scrapers
  • Chain Scrapers
  • Hydraulic Scrapers

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