Effluent Stirrers

Effluent Stirrers & Mixers

Submersible Stirrers/Mixers

DK Series Submersible mixers are designed to withstand many years of operation in the toughest conditions. The unit is equipped with multiple mechanical seals for maximum protection inside the slurry. The propeller is bi-directional, which can propel the slurry stream forward or backward inside the pit. The mixer can easily be pulled out of the slurry pit by sliding it on its installation pole by the help of a winch system, making it super easy to clean and service the unit. There are 7.5kW, 11kW and 18kW models available.

Long Shaft Mixers

Long-Shaft Mixers offer an alternative mixing solution for pits that have a mixer window built in their manure channel. The entire mixer is made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

Dual Pump/Mixer

EYS Mix-Pump offers the practicality of a mixer and a pump together in one machine. The unit is installed vertically alongside a pit’s wall, and secured on its feet to the pit floor with its own weight.

PTO drive

Our powerful PTO-Pump, which is similar to Mix-Pump in design but driven by tractor-power instead, is ideal for handling multiple pit locations with one machine. A manual directional valve on the unit allows this pump to be used as a mixer inside the pit.

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