Effluent Pumps

EYS Submersible Effluent Pumps

PPP EYS submersible effluent pumps

EYS Submersible pumps offer the most convenient and effective slurry pumping solution for your operation. With ranging motor powers from 2.2kW to 18kW, we have the right submersible pump design to meet every need in manure management.


EYS Mix-Pump is a pump and a mixer combined in one single machine. The

mixer and the pump run simultaneously, and the pumped slurry can be

re-directed into the pit for added mixing action if necessary. Comes

standard with a 15kW motor.

High Pressure Pump

Our high-pressure pumps come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, ranging from 15kW to 40kW motor power. The various housing designs at the pump inlet allow our high-pressure pumps to be able to transfer the slurry to significant distances without difficulty.


Our powerful PTO-pump, which is similar to Mix-Pump in design but driven by tractor-power instead. Ideal for handling multiple pit locations with one machine. Manual directional valve on the unit allows this pump to be used as a mixer inside the pit.