D-Tex H20 - Milk Saver

2014 Most Viable Business Award

Save milk : Prevent water : Increase income

Winner of the 2014 Most Viable Business Award at Mystery Creek Fieldays Innovation Centre

Tired of crying over spilt milk?

Have you ever worked out how much milk you are tipping down the drain? Can you afford to tip valuable milk down the drain particularly given the current low payout?

Anyone discharging 20 litres of milk down the drain each milking session is MILKING 2-3 COWS A DAY FOR NOTHING! DTexH2o is every dairy farmer’s essential risk management tool:

Some of the Key Features

  • Remove the risk factor.
  • Prevent loss of milk down the drain.
  • 2 alarm alerts:
    - Reminder for the milker to turn the vat tap.
    - Alarm to 'tell' the milker exactly when to turn the tap.
  • No more milking 2-3 cows a day for nothing.
  • Protect yourself against the potential risks of employing casual labour.
  • No more water grades.
  • Tested and approved by QCONZ for installation on behalf of MPI.