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PPP Industries Ltd offers a range of quality dairy equipment and innovative feed system solutions that will help you increase profitability and work smarter.

Experto Feeder

The PPP Experto Feeder delivery unit is designed to increase yield, long-term growth and expansion of your herd. It offers more than just a feed system – it can also ID your cows in the shed. With the development of the new patented travelling feed hopper for Herringbone sheds, farmers finally have a tool that will offer them the advantages of a rotary shed; a unit that can feed out more than one type of feed with inbuilt mineral dispensers.

Rotary Shed

For over 40 years PPP have offered either a simple auger line to convey feed onto the platform or for a little extra cost we can add on a feed dispenser which gives even greater feed accuracy. We have a system that will meet your needs by improving animal health and productivity whilst reducing feed out costs and wastage! PPP gives you the ability to mix and match various options, so you can have the feed system you always wanted.
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Herringbone Shed

Are you sick of paying for wasted feed in your paddocks?
Are your cows not getting enough nutrients to produce the quantities of milk they should be? With a simple feed system in your Herringbone shed, you can change both of these issues – and more!
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Sheep & Goat Dairy

Do you milk something smaller than a cow? Our systems can easily adapt
to suit Herringbone and Rotary Dairy Sheds for sheep and goats.

DTex H20 - Milk Saver

Tired of crying over spilt milk? Have you ever worked out how much milk you are tipping down the drain? Can you afford to tip valuable milk down the drain particularly given the current low payout?

Winner of the 2014 Most Viable Business Award at Mystery Creek Fieldays Innovation Centre

Mineral Additive Systems

Changing seasons can cause a change in animal demands and it’s important farmers adjust to these changes so production and wealth are maintained and advanced. With a PPP Mineral Additive System, you have the option of adjusting your mineral additives so you know exactly what your animals are receiving.
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Molasses & Whey

Liquid Feed Dispensers | No Mess Molasses
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