Automated Milk Feeders for Calves, Lambs and Kids

PPP and Urban Feeding Technology

Welcome to the hands-free, no stress way of giving your babies the best start in life. If you need an automated milk feeder for calves, lambs or kids, PPP have the Urban solution to suit New Zealand farmers. Urban is considered by farmers as the highest quality brand and is now the world’s leading seller of automated calf feeders!

calf feeding
Urban Goat Feeder | Urban Calf Feeder


Calf Rearing

  • Milk on tap and at the correct temperature all the time – the only calf feeder to have a heated mixing bowl so that milk doesn’t cool down between feeds
  • Complete monitoring of individual consumption, down to the millilitre.
  • Each calf has their own computerised record, which also alerts you to any issues long before you would see it.
  • Allowing different groups to be fed at different rates with ease.
  • A self-cleaning system with two rinsing agents, ensuring best hygiene – the only feeder with a reticulated cleaning system.
  • The only feeder to feed four calves on four different drink stations at the same time.

Urban feeders are the basis for the healthy rearing and feeding of calves, lambs or kids. They are fed as individuals so there is no competition for food, which reduces stress and makes sure that each young animal gets their allocation. Improving nutrition of calves in the first five weeks of life has been shown to boost first lactation milk and milk protein production by 10%. Multiple small feeds during the day mimics how they would feed from their mothers, giving greater absorption of nutrients and better growth rates. Better still, you don’t have to be there to make sure this is happening, freeing up your time for other pursuits!

Comparison of feeding systems for rearing calves

Fed twice
Fed Milk on demand
Milk/Meal: Fed once
Concentrated Milk/Meal
Per day
5 litres 8 litres 5 litres 2 litres
Days 70 days 42 days 42 days 35 days
350 litres 336 litres 210 litres 70 litres
Meal 20kg 56kg 125kg
Pasture 28kg 56kg 28kg
1 Bale
at 10 weeks
90kg 110kg 90kg 100kg


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