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Do you know what you can do with a lever?

Did you know that the Super Jetter has a special lever that enables you to over-ride the jetters?  So when the lambs go through behind their mums, just give the lever a tug and they too will be protected for the fly and parasite season!  A very efficient and effective way to make sure your lambs are ready for their first summer.

Mystery Creek 2015 is finally here!

PPP has been at Mystery Creek for as long as we can remember, and we are back again this year with bells on.

Jessica is over from Urban in Germany – so bring all your automated calf feeder questions straight to the source!  We also have other new products that we would love to show you.

You can find us in the main pavilion – site PD24 & 26 – or just look for the PPP silo.  We look forward to seeing you there!!!